Born in 70, grew up watching documentaries "Underwater World" by Cousteau and episodes of "Man and Earth". I always felt a special fascination for animals, and especially by the underwater environment. As a child I had no doubt he wanted to be diver. But life takes many turns and finally, after much walking with mask and snorkel, in 1996 was fulfilled that dream, since when you dive regularly.
Amateur photographer since long before, immediately colonized photography hobby and tried again, with those disposable cameras, taking instant packet of what he saw underwater.
Despite having studied and have always done reflex photography, underwater still shooting with a compact. Why?
Because in spite of it is true that I've been adding some light sources becoming more powerful, I feel a certain defiance to sacrificing the feeling of freedom and lightness own diving. Furthermore the compact allows me more improvisation and flexibility to choose the reasons to photograph and follow the immersion rate without excessive planning.
In short, for the pleasure of diving.



Collaborated with some different websites and publications. I've gotten engaged and contesting many (though small) prizes and mentions. I also lend my images for prints, posters and other large decorative lights, etc..


Much of the pleasure and enjoyment derived from diving and underwater photography is to share your hobby with family and friends. As the model suffered photography.


Panasonic Lumix FX 07 and
Panasonic Lumix TZ10.
Flash INON 240.
Foco L & Motion SOLA 500.
Macro lens wet
Outer dome