Little selection of webpages that either the quality of the photographs or by its subject I found most interesting or most frequently consulted. They need not necessarily be the best or be all. by Carlos Villoch
Very nice web and other sites connected with the author. by Manuel Campillo
Amazing presentation and magnificent photographs. by Jorge J. Candan
Photographs and underwater videos from Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. by Jose Luís González
Many photographs, many of them made in Galicia. by Esteban Toré by Arturo Telle by Carlos Minguell by Jordi Chias by Francisco Javier Murcia Requena
Nice gallery from a costline that I know well and I have very fondness, because that's where I started to dive. by Phillip Colla
Amazing cachalots and sharks photos.
Great different galleries. by Marty Snyderman
Nice photo gallery organized by topics. by Mike Johnson
Spectacular whales. by Stephen Frink
Interesting work, with highly oriented to the commercial examples.
Great species' guide gallery.
Nice amateur underwater gallery.
Interesting and useful fauna gallery.
Interesting Mediterranean costline guide.
Nudibranch and similars. Great job and so useful in order to recognice local species.



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